Active Fault Tolerant Control of Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

Structures of many technological systems are subject to random variations. These random variations may cause by component and interconnection failures or repairs, parameters shifting, sudden environmental disturbances, abrupt variations of the operating condition, etc. A fault tolerant control system is designed to retain some portion of its control integrity in the event of component failures or large changes in the system operating conditions that resemble these failures. An active fault tolerant control system is a feedback control system that reconfigures its control law on-line in response to a fault detection and identification scheme. Although researchers have studied the active fault tolerant control of linear dynamical systems for many years, the active fault tolerant control of stochastic nonlinear dynamical systems remains as an open research area. The intention of this proposal is to conduct a general investigation on (1) how to approximate a stochastic nonlinear dynamical system using a stochastic fuzzy linear dynamical system and (2) how to design an active fault tolerant controller for a stochastic nonlinear dynamical system. This proposal is motivated by the need to have active fault tolerant control design methodologies for stochastic nonlinear dynamical systems.

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