Group members and main research interests

Recent former members of the research unit have included:

  • Prof. Jamal Ameen

    Applied statistics. (Currently on extended leave working for Kurdistan Regional Governmen, Iraq.)

  • Prof. Peng Shi

    Control theory and applications, Intelligent systems and information processing, Operations research. (Currently on sabatical at Victoria University, Australia.)

  • Prof. Ron Wiltshire

    Applied mathematical analysis (Retired)

  • Dr. John Hayward

    System dynamics (Retired)

Current and recent research students

  • Ayad Sallo Seeto Al Sallo
  • Daniel Williams
  • Dmitry Sonkin (completed 2013)
  • Farzana Rahman
  • Furat Dassi
  • Gareth Lloyd
  • Jabed Choudhury
  • Hannah Garbett
  • Leanne Howells
  • Liam Harris
  • Martin Triska
  • Mehedi Hassan
  • Negusse Tadesse Kitaba
  • Rebecca Jeffs
  • Sara Koubayssi
  • Valentina Valeva