About us

Research and consultancy in Applied Mathematics and Statistics has a long and successful tradition at the University. We are enthusiastic research staff who work closely with their research students and whose work ranges from practical and funded collaboration with industry to more theoretical research that produces the highest quality academic publication. Research is aligned into three themes: Physical Sciences and Indsutrial Mathematics and Biological, Health and Social Sciences. A further theme Data Integrity and Combinatorics includes works in this Research Unit and in another Research Unit.

Research Theme: Physical Sciences and Indsutrial Mathematics

Applied mathematical analysis

This research is conducted by Professor Ron Wiltshire and the main focus is on several projects relating to the integrability of non-linear partial differential equations using classical, non-classical symmetry methods and more generalised techniques with particular reference to environmental applications and also those occuring in the General Theory of Relativity.

Continuum mechanics and industrial mathematics

This group is led by Dr. Philip Trevelyan and Dr. Alan Walker who focus on modelling Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. Dr. Trevelyan’s research is primarily concerned with modelling and analysing thin-film flow, buoyancy-driven instabilities in fluids and reaction-diffusion equations. Dr. Alan Walker interests lie in the mathematical modelling of liquid crystals (an anisotropc fluid) and other smart materials with applications in display technology, bi-layer lipid membranes, ultra-strong materials and much more.

Research Theme: Biological, Health and Social Sciences

Mathematical Biology

The primary interest of Dr. Graeme Boswell. His research focusses on metapopulations, population extinctions, habitat fragmentation including conservation corridors, the evolution of gigantism in societies, fungal growth in heterogeneous societies, enzyme-kinetics reactions and biobarriers as bioremediation agents.

Applied Statistics

The primary research interest of Prof. Jamal Ameen lies in the areas of statistical forecasting and medical statistics. Furthermore Mark Griffiths leads many consultancy projects with particular emphasis on the analysis of educational statistics.

Social Dynamics

This research is conducted by Dr John Hayward whose particular interests lie in the application of System Dynamics to the modelling of church growth, political party growth and many other forms of social diffusion.
In addition Dr John Wyburn has research interests in the dynamical modelling of the spread of minority languages, and together with Prof Paul Roach, research in market modelling.

Computational Biology

Numerous research students are working on computational genomics, bioinformatics and pharmacokinetics in a group led by Prof. Denis Murphy with assistance from Dr. Tatiana Tatarinova.

Research Theme: Data Integrity and Combinatorics

Combinatorics and Heuristics

A team led jointly by Dr. Stephanie Perkins and Prof. Paul Roach applies combinatorics and heuristics to popular puzzles within recreational mathematics. Puzzles such as Sudoku and Kakuro are related to well-known combinatorial structures, enabling underlying properties to be revealed and connections made to significant real-world applications.

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Dr. Graeme Boswell
Tel: +44 1443 482180
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